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Our Services

Data Science & AI Consulting 

To ensure competitive advantages in innovative markets, the application of Data Science & AI is an important step. Effective use of internal and external data opens up opportunities to optimize business processes, increase data quality and improve products/services.
Our consulting emphazies a holistic development and implementation of your AI strategy. Starting with the identification of possible use cases, through the selection of the right tools, to the implementation and support of machine learning models.

AI Services & Solutions

AI-based models and solutions are part of Tensora's core business. We offer you the opportunity to use business processes with the help of

to improve state-of-the-art technologies and to develop new concepts. Our ready-to-use AI catalog is a collection of microservices and exemplary use cases. We can adapt each of the tools listed there in a very short time to support your processes.

Intelligent Process Automation

Robotic process automation combined with artificial intelligence enables a wide range of new potentials that build on the classic automation of manual processes. Intelligent Automation supports your company in decision-making and enables more efficient workflows, faster processing times and significant savings potential.
We help you to set up an Intelligent Automation program consisting of the identification of possible use cases, the optimization for automation, as well as implementation and support.

Software Development

Businesses are increasingly focusing on their core competencies. Time savings, cost reduction and the associated increase in success are in the foreground. To improve, keep positive and scale these factors, Tensora is at your side. We support development projects with external nearshore developers who complement your team.

Management Consulting

With a combined C-level experience of more than 50 years, we advise the management level of well-known companies.

We are at your side with strategic and organizational tasks and support the management. Our strengths include: corporate organization, leadership, acquisitions and spin-offs, questions of logistics and supply chain management, outsourcing and offshore or nearshore, as well as marketing and public relations.

Microsoft 365 & SharePoint

This large and powerful building block from the Microsoft family requires expertise to get the most out of your investment.We support you in the administration of MS 365 and Sharepoint Services and show you efficient solutions for your company.  

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Different views produce the best solutions.

Tensora combines a comprehensive understanding of modern technologies with decades of experience in IT consulting.

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