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Where Innovation meets Experience

Different views produce the best solutions.

Tensora combines a comprehensive understanding of modern technologies with decades of experience in IT consulting.

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Strategy & Consulting

Artificial Intelligence offers various opportunities to businesses and leads to new challenges.


Technological expertise and the necessary experience in data science projects form the basis for successful implementation. We - the Tensora team - have exactly this expertise.


We help you with the strategic orientation, initial prototypes as well as in the scaling and realization of complex projects. The focus is on your business case, which we optimize in a data-driven manner applying state-of-the-art technologies.

Solutions & Services

AI systems do not work with rigid instructions, but learn to solve tasks based on information. The underlying technology is very flexible and therefore versatile.

We have solutions to many business problems. They are dynamic components, which we can apply in no time.

Intelligent Process Automation

Automating manual processes rapidly

Time Series Analysis

Recognize progression patterns and trace them back to influencing factors

Explainable AI

Making processes of Machine Learning models explainable

Natural Language Processing

Bringing context to  unstructured data

Predictive Maintainance

Assess risks of undesirable operating conditions

Computer Vision

Deriving meaningful information from images, videos and other visual data

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