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Farm Control Platform:
Your integrated grow automation solution for controlled environments

Growth Planning

Plan what to grow in advance and based on demand, manage your grow recipes, and predefine your climate conditions. You can assign your crops to specific grow locations or let the planning do this depending on your predefined climate settings.

Equipment Integration

We integrate virtually any of your farm equipment into our state-of-the-art OPC UA-based automation platform. Whether it is lifts, cranes, conveyors of your intralogistics system, building management systems for climate control, irrigation equipment, light, or any further sensors for quality or performance monitoring. Our standardized and proprietary information model does its job.

Farm Execution System

Automatically create your daily seed and harvest schedules for your manual operations. If you decide on more automation for your processes, schedules can configure and operate your equipment automatically and guide your farm workers through all processes. A digital twin of your farm ensures that you always know what's going on with your products.

Monitoring and Alarming

SCADA based engineering HMI and proven monitoring tools for performance data and historians provide you with an overview of your equipment behavior at any time.

Notifications and alarms via eMail, integration into MS Teams and even phone calls ensure that you are always aware of your farm's status and especially critical situations.

ERP Connectivity

Our platform can connect to your ERP - ask us for more details!

Process Optimization

Reporting, analytics, artificial intelligence - gain more insights into your farm performance to optimize your production, achieve higher yield, reduce waste, and make your business more sustainable.

Our reporting follows a push approach, where reports are pushed to users who are then enabled to extract meaningful insights and take appropriate action, like KPI for HR, Sales, or Management or Alerts for Horticulturists or Engineering.

The analysis follows a pull approach, where data is pulled by an analyst to answer specific business questions, e.g. Customer Analysis for Marketing, Predictive Analysis for R&D, and Anomaly Detection for Engineering.


We are using the latest cloud and connectivity technology like OPC UA and OAuth to secure your operations. Our cloud apps are based on state-of-the-art microservices architecture. And your farm operations are always secured by on-premises control services.

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