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Climate change and urbanization require a growing share of indoor farming

By 2050 our world's population will surpass 9 Billion.

Climate change causes erratic weather patterns, extreme temperatures, and changes in natural sources, threatening farmers around to sustainably produce and maintain quality crops.

Traditional farming reaches its limits

  • the availability of open field areas is globally limited, soil and produce are more and more contaminated by pesticides, water consumption is very high

  • due to long-distance transportation, the cooling chain is at risk, and the carbon footprint increases

  • global supply chains become more and more insecure

Indoor farming offers solutions to many problems and will take a growing market share

  • local food production avoids transport with carbon emissions and guarantees food access in times of crises

  • optimal use of scarce resources, especially land and water

  • increasing automation and declining cost of solar power will increase competitiveness compared to traditional farming

One platform to grow them all

Managing your highly demanding AgTech business can be time-consuming and complex, regardless of whether it is a greenhouse or indoor farm-based. We offer a comprehensive and versatile, integrated platform as a service (PaaS) solution from production planning to packaging.

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