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Implementing monitoring tools and Web Analysis


AHVV Verlags 


Web Traffic Analysis and Data Strategy



Project Duration:

12+ Months

Data-Driven decision making

Lowering manual effort

Improvement of the web appearance

User-oriented approach

Alexa Young, CA

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This project focuses on constructing a comprehensive deep web analysis and data strategy, laying the groundwork for the successful relaunch of the newspaper.

Team: Michael Laux, Anazoi Ikonomi, Max Gößmann, Jan Miltner

A significant challenge in this project was the transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), following the discontinuation of data processing by the former. This migration was not only a technical hurdle but also required the team to familiarize themselves with GA4's new interface and analytics model. Additionally, analyzing data within GA4 to gain insights into the website's performance presented a complex task. The team needed to interpret this data effectively to understand user engagement and content preferences, crucial for the newspaper's relaunch strategy. This analysis was essential to integrate these insights with deep web data, offering a holistic view of the newspaper's digital engagement and audience behavior.

To address these challenges, the team successfully migrated data to Google Analytics 4 and stored it in an Azure database for enhanced security and accessibility. They utilized the Google Suite for efficient tracking, analysis, and visualization of web data, ensuring a seamless interpretation of user interactions and website performance. Additionally, the team conducted a comprehensive SEO analysis and enhancement using specialized SEO tools. This approach not only streamlined data management and analysis but also significantly improved the website's search engine optimization, aligning it with the latest digital marketing strategies for the newspaper's relaunch.

Post-relaunch, the online newspaper experienced a remarkable upsurge in performance, with metrics showing up to a 50% increase in key areas. The comprehensive data gathered and analyzed enabled the editors, newsroom staff, and designers to make more informed decisions, significantly enhancing content and design strategies. Furthermore, the management team gained a clearer understanding of the website's performance through the streamlined data analysis. This clarity has been instrumental in optimizing resource allocation, ensuring that efforts and investments are directed efficiently towards areas yielding the highest impact.

  • Google Analytics  

  • Universal Analytics 

  • Google Tag Manager 

  • Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) 

  • Adverity 

  • MS Azure 

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