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AI Prototype Building



Project Duration:

3 months

Automatic speech recognition of a guided interview 

Answering questions about the interview 

Utilization of the interview for future tenders 

Summary of the interview in the important key points 

Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."






This project involves the development of an advanced chatbot capable of transcribing interview recordings, summarizing their content, and answering follow-up questions. This technology offers a significant benefit to the client by allowing recruiters to focus on conducting the interview, while also ensuring that the content of the interview is preserved and made accessible for future reference and analysis.

Team: Paul-Louis Pröve, Marcel Bosse

The project faced two primary challenges: firstly, implementing effective text recognition capabilities within the OpenAI framework to accurately transcribe and process interview recordings. Secondly, there was the intricate task of configuring the correct OpenAI prompts, which was crucial for ensuring that the chatbot could not only summarize content accurately but also respond to follow-up questions in a contextually relevant manner.

To address these challenges, the project team collaborated with Azure Speech Studio, utilizing its advanced speech recognition technology to accurately transcribe interviews. They also configured a speaker recognition feature to distinguish between different voices in the recordings, enhancing the chatbot's ability to provide context-specific summaries and responses. Additionally, the team applied a wealth of knowledge and best practices gathered from various AI projects to refine and optimize the chatbot's functionality.

As a result of this project, recruiters no longer need to take notes during interviews, as the chatbot efficiently handles transcription and summarization. The chatbot also effectively answers questions about specific details of the interview, enhancing post-interview analysis and discussions. Furthermore, the provision of concise summaries by the chatbot has proven invaluable, not only for immediate review but also as a reference for future recruitment processes.v

  • Azure Cognitive Search 

  • Langchain

  • Gradio

  • OpenAI API

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