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Developing and automating workflows




Automation of workflows



Project Duration:

12+ Months

Increase efficiency to save time and resources

Lowering manual effort

Documentation offers to user on several platforms

Enable user to self-help

Alexa Young, CA

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This project focuses on the design and automation of workflows, coupled with the establishment of a comprehensive documentation and communication system within the 2nd level support team for BI Self-Service Tools.

Team: Michael Laux, Theresia Glemser, Adrian Ebert

The project faced substantial challenges due to stringent privacy and security regulations at BASF, which restricted the automation of processes between systems. Additionally, being a large corporation, BASF had complex organizational structures leading to unclear responsibilities, complicating the implementation process. Another significant hurdle was ensuring the adoption of new workflows by the team, a task often met with resistance due to changes in established procedures.

To navigate the challenges, the team developed workarounds and reconfigured approaches that complied with BASF's strict privacy and security policies. Persistence in building a detailed relationship map clarified responsibilities within the corporation. The team also focused on thorough documentation and secured management support, ensuring a smooth transition. Tight monitoring and regular, friendly reminders were employed to facilitate the incorporation of the new workflows into the daily routine of the team.

The project's implementation led to the successful establishment of SharePoint as a central, easily accessible hub for users, further integrated into the intranet search for enhanced findability. The adoption of Power Apps notably increased user engagement while simultaneously reducing the team's workload. Additionally, the creation of user documentation effectively decreased the incidence of common issues. The introduction of comprehensive team onboarding documentation and tools significantly streamlined and expedited the process of integrating new team members.

  • Power App 

  • Power Automate 

  • ServiceNow 

  • SharePoint 

  • Azure DevOps 

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